Imagine browsing shelves and refrigerators in your office break room that actually supply fresh, wholesome beverages and snacks. In addition, A.H.’s kitchen provides our micro markets with a wide variety of fresh, delicious, and healthier food options like salads, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, yogurt and more.

In this bistro café setting, you will also benefit from the user-friendly shopping experience. Micro Markets utilize cutting-edge technology complete with apps, credit card readers, and touch screen kiosks to facilitate your transactions. You will be able to excite and nourish your workplace with this welcoming, state-of-the-art, 24-hour market.

We work directly with our customers to deliver a fully customized food solution for their workplace needs. From market concept to design to implementation, A.H. is there every step of the way. We offer two micro market concepts that will transform office break rooms into sophisticated, self-serve mini-convenience stores. Explore both micro market concepts below to find the fit right for your company.

micro markets

Avanti Markets

America’s leading micro market, Avanti Markets, fuses technology with a product selection of over 300 items to choose from. Interactive technology allows customers to track their purchases and take advantage of promotions (buy 4, get the 5th one free). By having a system that offers 24-hour security, individual purchase tracking, and uninterrupted service, Avanti customers get the peace-of-mind of a well-operated, effectively managed market.

Learn more about our Avanti Market solutions here.

Bistro To Go Market

US Connect’s Micro Market, Bistro To Go!, offers companies a unique opportunity to provide a fully integrated user experience. While doing everything that an Avanti Market can, The US Connect Card allows customers to purchase products spanning over all of their cafeteria and break room amenities: cafeteria food services, Micro Markets and Vending. This card collects and accumulates points and promotions across all of these retail outlets.

By having a US Connect card, A.H. customers receive reward points (points converted into cash); promotions (buy 2, 3 or 4 items, get the next one free); and a portion of A.H.’s proceeds going to your favorite charity. The US Connect Card can also be used nationwide if your company has other facilities. As a member of The US Connect Group, A.H. will be able to assist you in finding an authorized US Connect operator for your other facilities. One card that can be used across all of your dining needs and in all of your locations throughout the country!

Join the micro market movement. Create a workplace that promotes better living with healthier food options and more on-site conveniences.

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